The perfect harmony between comfort and the pure mountain air.

The property dates from the eighteenth century, originally was a Jesuit camp for catechization of Indians, then settled the bandeirantes, from 1940 to 1970 was a large producer of grapes. From 1970 until today the farm is a producer of eucalyptus and much of it is covered with a transition forest from Atlântica to Serrado, with these nuances, the space is thought to bring a pleasant experience of comfort and contact with nature.


Come enjoy the nature of the Serra do Japi and its comfortable surroundings. Check some of our attractions and make the most of your stay:

Enjoy Nature Next to the stone house, where the inn and the restaurant are located, there is a roundabout for relaxation. Although we do not have monitors, there is a playground and plenty of open space for children to play.

Monitored Tracks For those who want to do a beginner trail, we have a guided tour of 3 km with a maximum duration of 2 hours in the middle of the Serra do Japi, inside the farm. The tour happens on weekends during breakfast, check the tariff.

Bird Watching and Butterfly Watching If you are a fan of these activities, you should know that the Serra do Japi is a fantastic place for them, with 650 species of butterflies and 199 species of birds cataloged until now. For more information, you could check "A Última Arca de Noé," by the independent researcher, observer and bird scholar, Antônio Silveira.
Horseback Riding It is possible to schedule horseback riding through the Japi Mountains Ranch. The tours are guided and have extra cost, check the tariff for more information.

Bicicle Rental We have bikes available for rental. The bike rides are not guided, so we recommend staying on the open roads of the Farm. If you are a mountain biker, and have your own equipment, you can consult us about the available trails.

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